- Koliwada Regidents
- DCOOP Team
- Smita Dalvi & Mustansir Dalvi Team
- Himanshu Team
- Kamu Iyer Team
- Subhash Mukerjee Team
- Huda Mustafa Team
- Vidyadhar K. Phatak Team
- Yehuda Safran Team
- Abhay Sardesai, Art India Team
- Supersudaca Team
- Tata Institute of Social Sciences Media Lab Team

Koliwada Residents


From the left to the right on the top :
Chetan Kamble, Himanshu Keny, Kamini Keny, Manjushree Keny, Omkar Keny, Bhakti Koli, Ceaser Koli, James Koli, Prushali Koli, Prince Michael, Aakansha Rajak, Shashank Sonavne, Martina Vaity



Zackery C. Denfeld / Bangalore, India


Zack Denfeld is a media artist currently residing in Bangalore, India. He is helping launch the Centre for Experimental Media at the Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology and has edited a business report on Emerging Economies for CKS ltd. His research interests include Complex Systems, Information Ecology and Digital Urbanism.
He graduated with a B.A. in Policy Studies from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and then wandered into a M.F.A. from the University of Michigan’s School of Art & Design. Zack loves to cook soups and salads, get lost in cities, and is slowly learning about the species of birds and plants native to the Western Ghats.


Snehal Hannurkar / Belgaum, India


Snehal Hannurkar is the principal architect of Studio 13, based in Belgaum, India. She graduated in architecture (2003), from Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum and was a part of the Bauhaus Kolleg VII-UN Urbanism (2005/2006), at the Bauhaus Dessau foundation, Germany. She has researched extensively on the post war cities of Kabul, Afghanistan and Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina. As a part of the Bauhaus Kolleg, she developed the workshop, “International city Mostar”, in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina in June 2006. Following her post graduation in Bauhaus, she has worked as an urban designer with IBA Foundation and the Bauhaus Dessau foundation where, along with Ar. Pushkaraj K, she researched on and developed the project “Stadtpark”, for the shrinking city of Dessau, Germany.


Pushkaraj Karakat / Belgaum, India


As an urban designer, artist and a trained architect this place of extreme vibrancy and unique growth pattern and  character has always been a topic of my interests. Not just the economic diversity and surprises of this place but the extreme intricacies,nonlinear dynamics and delicate equilibrium,has always made me very curious to visit this place and experiment how one could add to the urban dynamics of places such as Dharavi and in this case Koliwada, in yet  again a nonlinear and non conventional way.
This workshop would therefore be for me a boon to learn, from within, about the ways such a complex urban community exists and put to test my skills and knowledge about urban studies. It would be a golden opportunity to the learn from and add to view points of the inhabitants of the very place on ways to better it without disturbing the delicate synchrony in which it  presently functions.
Skills: Trained as an architect and urban designer, worked on urban projects in India and abroad, skilled in sketching, AutoCAD, illustrator, Photoshop, corel draw, 3dsmax and other graphic related and presentation soft wares. Drive to learn things on site rather than from books.


Sytse de Maat / Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Sytse de Maat from Amsterdam, the Netherlands is architect and author. His field is 'circumstantial architecture' in which he is researching the natural and anthropological background of building.


Luke Perry / Berkley, USA


After graduating from North Carolina State University (USA) in 2000, Luke worked with the National Coalition for the Homeless, coordinating their homeless speaker’s bureau.  After that, he was a carpenter building affordable housing in Washington, DC and then in North Carolina.  From 2004-2006, Luke worked for the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, helping develop a new master plan for their 100,000 square homeless shelter in downtown Atlanta through intensive community based and participatory processes.
Since then, Luke has been pursuing a Masters of Architecture degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and is currently traveling the world on a fellowship studying incremental housing.


Anandrao Vasantrao Rane / Mumbai, India



Victoria Ruiz / New York, USA


Growing up in the Silicon Valley in California, I became very interested in the urban environment and the connection between social, spatial, and economic factors. I wanted to attend school in New York in order to further my study and experience of urban sites. The role of the built environment and how it promotes interaction in the city is of great interest to me and i would like to further my study of it. I have spent time researching at Columbia with the Technological Change and Urban Social Policy research unit, and I have been able to look at the role of labor markets in economies and the effects on social benefits. The role of space is of great importance in this, and I would like to further my study of this. Additionally, I am very interested in urban design and its effects in how a city is shaped. For example, New York is experiencing an intense amount of gentrification that is radically changing the socio-economic, spatial, and built design elements of the city. I would like to further understand this phenomena. I have experience with various computer programs relating to planning and design such as GIS and the Adobe Suite, as well architectural studio experience.

Smita Dalvi & Mustansir Dalvi Team


Gaurav Bhushan / Gandhinagar, India


I am a post graduate student in Information Design. I am doing a project on Inclusive Cities in India. Also, want to experiment with Spatial Information Design,  Geovisualisation etc. and do some Information Graphics. I think this would be a great opportunity to do all of that!


Renaud Ganière / Geneva, Switzerland

Renaud Ganière was born in Geneva, Switzerland. Before enrolling in the Architecture School at the Polytechnic School of Lausanne, Switzerland, he studied Engineering and Computer Sciences at The University of Geneva. He is currently finishing his Bachelor and is interning at the studio of Charles Tashima, professor at the Architectural Association in London. Renaud is most interested in the study and invention of structures that are balanced between the vernacular and the high-tech.


Hernán Guerrero / Brooklyn, USA


Hernán Guerrero main interest are sustainable development and spatial analysis. Hernán has worked for companies developing Geographic Information Systems for cities, towns and counties throughout the Northeastern US (MA, RI, CT, NY). He teaches introduction to GIS at the Milano Graduate School for Management & Urban Policy with an emphasis on community-based contextual spatial analysis. Hernán has been involved in several community based GIS projects aiming to give community members across New York City access to information about their neighborhoods and is particularly interested in enabling youth to participate in planning projects (http://www.myciti.org). More recently he has worked in community development in Brooklyn, through the management of affordable housing development with a focus in energy-efficient rehabilitation, at the Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation (http://www.cypresshills.org) and commercial revitalization, through technical assistance to property owners and merchants at the Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Project (http://www.myrtleavenue.org).


Sheppalika Misra / Mumbai, India



Rajesh Ranjan / Mumbai, India


Himanshu Team


Sneha Anand / Mumbai, India


The reason for joining this workshop is to be able to contribute effectively towards doin something for the people of Dharavi. Much has been researched bt nothing concrete has been done yet. My effort would for them n with them.It would be interesting to note what they want and expect of us.


Brett Bloom / Chicago, USA


Brett Bloom is an artist, writer and activist. His primary work is witha group of Chicago-based artists called Temporary Services:
Temporary Services is currently finishing abook, Public Phenomena (Half Letter Press, 2008), that looks at themyriad ways in which people creatively modify and change the sharedspaces of their cities:
Bloomis interested in investigating multiple aspects of how people changetheir cities through use. Belltown Paradise / Making Their Own Plans(WhiteWalls, 2004) is a double-book that presents groups of artists,neighbors, activists, architects, and others in five cities (Seattle,Portland, Hamburg, Chicago, and Barcelona) who worked to successfullypreserve open green space in their neighborhoods, create public spaceswhere they were never intended, and to develop sustainable city planningon their own terms:
Bloom isengaged in research for a forthcoming double-book UNHOUSED. One side ofthe book will present several self-initiated initiatives that creativelyengage global housing struggles at the local level. The other side ofthe book will present essays by others about the macro-economic,political, and social effects Neoliberal market expansion is having onhistorical inequalities expressed through housing crises. As a researchtool for this book and to share information and ideas, Bloom maintains a blog:


Siraj Izhar / Mumbai, India


Siraj Izhar is an artist working with urban ecosystems, particularly looking at ways to create new flows (of credit, of social resources, of media representation) in specific urban contexts.In Mumbai, Izhar has been working in Ward A (Colaba) on the development stage of setting up a small number of traffic circulation loops using zero-emission EVs (electric vehicles) with Mumbai ngo Clean Air Island in collaboration with a number of European agencies. Izhar is working this year in Nantes, France on an alternative economy in a high density context at Le Corbusier's Unité D' Habitation there. Updates at
In London, Izhar is scheduled to build a memorial to the Nigerian activist Ken Saro-Wiwa in London which connects up different cities around the world through a web and sms network in London's skyline
The memorial will act as a public resource in the sky for issues around social and environmental rights connecting disparate global economic realities.


Praveen Manohar / Banglaore, India

  I did my architectural training for a small firm called Maya after which I continued to work there and eventually was made an associate architect. While I was at maya I handled around 10 housing projects. This experience gave me a new outlook towards architecture and I was ready to take the next step. I joined Chandavarkar and Thacker Architects Pvt Ltd in Sept 2006 as a project head and continue to work there till date.
I am an avid photographer and have an interest in art, graphic design and animation.
I feel the workshop will give me the opportunity to face and help deal with the real issues in Dharavi.


Aditi Mehta / USA


I graduated from Cornell University in 2006 with a B.S. in Urban Planning and a concentration in International Relations.  At Cornell, I learned that solutions for stimulating healthy neighborhoods worldwide must address societal needs through effective design, development, and policy by involving those impacted.  The Koliwada Conference does just that, and I am eager to see outcomes of the workshop!
I have sought to apply these principles of participatory planning as an Assistant Project Manager at Telesis Corporation, a mission-driven development firm in Washington DC.  This position has allowed me to gain practical exposure to the field of urban planning and has also strengthened my interest in creating remedies for substandard housing.
It was through my coordination of various neighborhood design workshops, where I presented site alternatives to attendees and solicited their feedback, that Telesis was better able to understand the community's needs.  I am interested in seeing how the community's input will be applied to Redevelopment Plans in Koliwada.
This Spring, I will work in Mumbai for Justice Ventures International, an NGO that promotes human rights through sustainable development.  I will research best practices for financing infrastructure in Dharavi, and aim to gain insight about affordable housing in India.
Participating in the Koliwada Conference will be an invaluable learning for me.


Michael Parker / Ottawa, Canada


My name is Michael Parker and I migrated to Ottawa, Canada from the United States in 2005 to earn my Masters degree in Architecture from Carleton University. I am currently completing my thesis on architectural morality, and as such, have little time for other research interests (though when given a chance, those interests include architectural pedagogy, ethics, and psychogeography).
I am a painter, a sculptor and an aficionado of found objects. I play a mean harmonica.


Wahid Seraj / New York, USA


Wahid Seraj was born in Geneva, Switzerland. He is currently residing in New York City studying at The Cooper Union School of Architecture. While at the Urban Typhoon Workshop he will take the opportunity to develop his thesis on Dharavi and Koliwada. Through the context of a participatory planning effort with the residents of Dharavi, he will attempt to test his work against the socio-economic realities of the place. Research will directly be integrated into a proposal for a new architectural and urban strategy. Wahid will graduate in May 2008.


Nikhil Thomas Titus / Mumbai, India


I’ve lived in mumbai all my life and yet i have never had the opportunity to interact with these communities within the city.  i think my interest in photography and film would be a skill addition to the team.

Kamu Iyer Team


Prayas Abhinav / Bangalore, India


Prayas Abhinav is post-graduate student at the Centre for Experimental Media Arts (CEMA) at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. He has been a film maker, communications consultant, a web strategist, copywriter and publisher. He has doneprojects for organizations like Oxfam, Centre for Media Studies,CHETNA, Maya Organic and Darpana Academy. He helped in the launch ofthe Creative Commons India project in January 2007. He was a Sarai fellow in 2005 and a part of the design business incubator at National Institute of Design in 2004. He has an interest in exploring how public and community spaces in our cities help us meeting our basicb needs for existence. He likes to write short stories and perform his poetry accompanied by guitar and tabla. Presently he is working on Cityspinning, a series of interventions inthe public spaces of Bangalore.


Vytautas Baltus / Kaunas, Lithuania


1999 Studies of Engineering in Denmark, Horesens Polytechnics.2003 Master degree of Architecture. Diploma with honorable mention.since 2003 PhD candidate in Lithuania, Kaunas University of Technology.2004-2006 Studies of Architecture in Japan, Kokushikan University, Tokyo.


Jonathan Gagen / New York City, USA


I am currently in my first year in a masters of Urban Planning Program at New York University.  I am concentrating on Environmental Planning and am very interested in green design and green building.  I have previously worked in Honduras and Paraguay where I studied rural infrastructure development. These two trips were particularly rewarding for me and were eventually what motivated me to pursue a masters in Urban Planning.  The workshop in Mumbai sounds like the perfect opprunity to apply what I have been learning at school in a much different setting than New York.


Ashwin Karjatkar / Bangalore, India


The idea of a team of professionals brainstroming towards developing a constructive scheme for development is something i intend to undertake as a career in future. I have presently applied for a masters degree in sustainable urban design in sweden. This platform will give me a tremedous experience to furthur such a movement and assist authorities towards a sensible growth. Skills i hone are in the field of architecture primarily including movie making, sculpture, photography. I have travelled a lot throught and have worked in teams before on projects in college and exchange. It would be a stage where i can contribute immensely as i have worked and lived in mumbai.


Jérémie Waechter / Geneva, Switzerland

Jérémie Waechter was born in Geneva, Switzterland, where he did all of his primary and secondary studies. He spent a year in Japan before beginning his architectural studies at the Polytechnic School of Lausanne, Switzerland. After two years there, he took a year off to study at the Cooper Union in New York City. Last year, he graduated from the EPFL with a Bachelor degree and is currently working for BassiCarella Architects, in Geneva. After attending the Urban Typhoon Workshop in Koliwada he will intern at Atelier Bow-wow in Tokyo.

Subhash Mukerjee Team


Tomà Berlanda / Torino, Italy


Tomà Berlanda was born in Venice in 1976. After studies and internships in different European countries, he graduated at the Accademia di Architetttura in Mendrisio (2002). He has been project architect for firms in Switzerland and Italy. Since 2005 he has run his independent practice, before becoming founding partner of lat45N architects, based in Bordeaux. He has been first year design tutor at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne (2004-2006), and is now urban design tutor in Mendrisio (2007-2008). Meanwhile he is working on his PhD in architecture and building design at the Politecnico di Torino (2006-2009) with a research that investigates the relationship between architecture and landscape, a ‘topographical lexicon’. He has contributed several papers on architecture and is a member of the editorial staff of rivista tecnica, Lugano.
His project activity is mainly linked to interventions on existing buildings, beyond restoration, to give new life to old structures and spaces, the “places” of a reflection which engages the nodal points of contemporary design: the relationship with time and history, authenticity and the intervention on the site, built fabric and conservation of materials and memory.


Marco Boella / Torino, Italy


Marco is a post-graduate architecture student based in Torino, Italy. Since 2002 freelance action sport photographer, he has been senior photographer and photo editor of an Italian winter action sport magazine.
In 2006 he participated to the international design workshop "Learning from cities" organized by the Venice Biennale (winning group), working on the Backbay area - Mumbai, where he had the opportunity to learn the complexity, the beauty and the problems of this city. He just graduated in Architecture (master degree) with honor mention at Politecnico di Torino, Italy, Feb 2008. He is deeply interested in energy conservation and sustainability in buildings, low-tech construction and interaction between users and buildings. UrbanTyphoon will be a chance to see directly what we worked on during the Biennale workshop and to experience and learn things which are so far away from my European background.


Dhaval Malesha / Mumbai, India


I m a final yr student and presently working with Ar. Charles Correa. The workshop presents a large scope of interaction and an opportunity to have a word with the most active people that to on a live contextual base and the most controversial site : Dharavi


Manuela Martorelli / Torino, Italy


Manuela Martorelli is born in 1980 in Italy. She is graduand at the I Faculty of Architecture (Politecnico di Torino, Italy) with the thesis: "Simply Dutch. A profile of architectural practice in the generation of the Second Modernity in Netherlands". In 2000 she was selected for the 5th Festival for Architecture in Video in Florence with a short video about Urban Planning and Digital Media. In 2003 Martorelli received a special mention for the Tate in Space Architecture Competition with a project of a museum in the space. Between 2004 and 2005 she was selected to participate at the Master course (special program) in Urban design on Karachi (Pakistan), run by prof. Bruno De Meulder and prof. Michiel Dehaene. In 2006 she was one of the student of the Turin team to receive the Special Award for schools of architecture (Cities. Architecture and Society) on the Venice Biennale of Architecture, for the project on Mumbai “Cutting edge Bombay”. In 2007 Martorelli published «OMA at "the party"», in Architecture Bulletin n. 3, NAi Publisher. Manuela Martorelli is a free-lance journalist for the Italian magazine on Architecture, Industrial Design and Urban Planning, “Giornale dell’Architettura”, since 2004. She lives in Rotterdam.


Shaira Sequeria Shetty / Mumbai, India



Sanjay Pratap Singh / Mumbai, India


This is my first encounter with Mumbai. Lot of things heard about Dharavi and would like to know it by participating n the workshop.

Huda Mustafa Team


Manjula Jagatramka / Mumbai, India


I am a social entrepreneur and a trainer working with the marginalised section to develop vocational skills (Tailoring and Embroidery) leading to Entrepreneurship Development. Hence I would certainly like to contribute my expertise as well as grow my experience in developing Dharavi.


Smita N. Lakra / Mumbai, India


I want to join this workshop because it would help me to study how people of Dharavi would imagine the future of Koliwada and to work towards making people aware of the cultural identity of Koliwada, Dharavi


Devika Narayan / Mumbai, India


After completely my a levels in Psychology, Sociology and English literature from Center for Learning, Bangalore. I came to Mumbai for my B.A degree. I have just completed my second year at St. Xavier's College. I am deeply interested in Sociology and plan to major in it next year, as well as pursue it further.


Shalini Nirmal / Mumbai, India


I want to join this workshop as I am new to Mumbai and getting an opportunity to understand the biggest slum of Asia ,its people and their problems would be helpful in my understanding of the city and my interests in people and places.

Vidyadhar K. Phatak Team


Chetan Kamble / Koliwada (Mumbai), India


Chetan Kamble is a resident of Koliwada and a student at Bhavans College in Mumbai, where he is pursuing a Bachelors of Commerce degree. In his free time, Chetan enjoys bodybuilding and won the Mr. University Junior Mumbai Gold Medal and the Navodit Mumbai Shri Gold Medal and Best Poser Award in 2007. He plans to pursue a career in the fitness industry.


Binti Kantha / Mumbai, India



Anokhi Parikh / Mumbai, India


Anokhi Parikh, originally a mumbai resident, studied economics and marine biology at UC Berkeley and holds a masters in development economics from Oxford University. She spent the last two years working in Durban, South Africa on a research fellowship looking at service delivery within the health sector and HIV/AIDS. She then spent some time in Johannesburg working at the Centre for Applied Legal Studies at WITS university working on inner city housing issues, forced evictions, and access to basic services. She's currently in between jobs and in between cities.


Akhila Srinivas / Bangalore, India


I’m an architect with a keen interest in urban issues. I am considering a degree in urban design with a definite aim of contributing to the city of Bangalore. I strongly believe we are products of our social and physical environments and hence they need to be given a great deal of importance. From public spaces to community development and participation in governance, I believe we have a part to play. This workshop would perhaps be a step in this direction. A lesson learnt in Mumbai would definitely be a beckon for solutions in other cities. I’m greatly looking forward to being part of any effort that is made to understand to understand our cities better and the dynamics of Public-Private initiatives.The situtaion in hand is a difficult one . With phenomenal yet disparate growth there needs to be concentrated concerns that we, the people, need to express. I hope this a beginning of good things to come.


Nandita Mary Thomas / Mumbai, India


I have worked as a Research Assistant for the Ladakh Autonomus Hill Development Council and was assisting Dr B Manjula (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) in projects relating to Decenteralised Governmets. I really feel that working at the grass root levels is an effective way of understanding issues. I am sure that I will be able to contribute to this project in terms of my experience and creativity.


Afiga Waechter / Baku, Azerbaijan


I am currently writing an essay on Slum Development from Environmental Perspective. While doing a research on slums of India, particularly Dharavi, I got interested in learning more about urban planning. I also recently visited the seminar on \"is Urbanization the Only Way to Development?\" The seminar was conducted by leading environmentalists and developers of India. I am currently contemplating to get into deeper research of the questions raised during the seminar. I think the Koliwada workshop would give me an opportunity to learn more and I will switch on my creativity to make a considerable contribution to the workshop as well. I\'d also like to meet people involved in this field and make contacts which would useful during my research.

Yehuda Safran Team


Sofia Cardenas Begazo / Delft, The Netherlands


I am Master student of the faculty of architecture in the Technological University of Delft in The Netherlands.Presently, I am working in my graduation project for my Master degree of Architecture in the branch of Building Technology. After a long research I selected Dharavi as a study place. The aim of the project is to develop a spatial intervention in different scale-levels. This intervention intents to help the constantly growing industry of Dharavi to survive the effects of urban pressure and climate change, and even to improve its sustainability (socially, spatially and environmentally).As a part of my research I will spent a month in Dharavi, from the 27th of January. Time in which I plan to compile the most information possible and to learn more about the living way of the community of Dharavi. I consider the Typhoon workshop an important opportunity to work out and reflect in multidisciplinary teams about the real situation of the area and to formulate sustainable interventions for the community of Koliwada.


Ashwini Falnikar / Mumbai, India


I can contribute with my skills of photography and film making. Being a localite, I can communicate to the people in their language. Being a mumbai resident for all my life, it is a pleasure to work in Dharavi.


Luca Martinazzoli / Milan, Italy


Luca Martinazzoli, MA in urban planning at UCLA, based between Los Angeles and Milan, writes and researches on creative industries and urban development. He teaches at Bocconi University and has been recently a consultant for the Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism.


Nitisha Naidu / Hyderabad, India


I believe learning never ends in a life time one learns things by reading, observing and by experiencing new things. I strongly feel that any profession is complete only if one contributes something to the neighborhood for what it has given and taught us. As a student of architecture, to start with, this workshop is one such opportunity where I can complete what I believe in!
I was moved at the picture of Dharavi after seeing the documentary on this community and I was astonished at the numbers living in the neighborhood with such diversity.
About me!  I am an architecture student stepping into final year from Hyderabad with an inclination towards Urban Design. So far my achievements include topping the university and winning couple of national level competitions. My skills include analyzing the given tasks, designing, sketching and painting. Apart from architecture, music is my passion and I am an amateur jazz player.
What drives me towards this workshop is the amalgamation of people from different profession working on one task and I as an architecture student love to be a part of it and hoping to contribute what I have learnt and more importantly learn from the neighborhood I would be experiencing.


Kayzad Shroff / Mumbai, India


Graduate Student in Architecture @ Cornell University; minoring in RealEstate Studies.Have lived/worked in Bombay, Ahmedabad, Pune, Ithaca, Romeand New York. Am particularly interested in issues relating to urbanhousing, organizational systems and spontaneous settlements.

Abhay Sardesai, Art India Team


Sulai Lopez / New York, USA


Sulai Lopez is an actress, photographer, filmmaker, painter, clown, writer based out of NYC.  She has performed and created work internationally and currently is traveling India on a grant for the arts given by Databazaar for her documentary photographs.


Dario Manuli / Milan, Italy


I have a postgraduate degree in Economics and Management in Arts and Culture, and I did research in Mumbai on art and urban issues in order to write my final dissertation about the Contemporary Art Scene. During this four-month in Mumbai, I have coordinated a small class flown over from my university to get to know the fascinating and innovative art and cultural practices that continuously arise in this sparkling and never sleeping city. I’m currently based in Milan and, while I am collaborating with my university, I’m mostly dedicated to my role as a drummer in a rock band because we all know that everlasting glory can only be found there!


Joseph Setton / New York, USA


Joseph is a New York based designer and art director, who has worked on projects ranging from advertising and non-profit to entertainment and publishing. He is also the co-founder of O-Plus Recordings, a label which explored the musical relationship between recent urban movements such as Hip-Hop and dancehall reggae and more traditional forms of world music.Joseph has a passion for worldwide youth culture, and how it originates, develops and thrives in the modern city.

Supersudaca Team


Calvin Chua / London, UK


Hi, I am a Singaporean currently studying at the Architectural Association in London. Since my days in high school, I have taken an interest in urban issues, which has led me to explore the possibilities of travelling, photography and architecture as tools in providing a better overall perspective into the workings of the society. I am really looking forward to immersing myself in the complexity of Koliwada!


Natalia Echeverri / Berkley, USA


I am a student at UC Berkeley pursuing a joint Masters in Architecture and City Planning. Currently, I am on a one-year traveling fellowship doing research on how neoliberal policies have transformed cities. Dharavi is a perfect example for my research. I am interested in new alternatives, movements of resistance as well as the large private development. I will be in Mumbai when the workshop is taking place and would love to be part of it. 
I was trained as an architect in Bogota, Colombia and Seattle before starting my Masters in Architecture and City Planing at Berkeley.In between college and graduate school I worked for about 4 years in architecture firms where I was a project architect in a several projects. 
During my studies at Berkeley, I have had both architecture and urban design studios. Last year I participated in a studio where we designed the master plan for Nano City, a new city in India.  The most relevant part of this experience was the group work and collaboration between students that were from different fields. 
I consider myself a good organizer and very proficient is several computer software.


Tommaso Dalla Favera / New York, USA


I would like to join the workshop because of my interest in architecture and urban design. I am interested in how the ideas behind these disciplines work out in practice as well as how they coincide with other disciplines. I am also interested in learning about ways to develop cities while still maintaining local urban culture and street life. More generally, I would like to learn about how different scales of urban development work, from the micro-scale of the house and individual interaction to the macro-scale of the urban center and market place.


Shaju Nanukuttan / Bangalore, India


During graduation, for my professional training in 2005, I started working with a firm DNA Consulting Pvt Ltd. involved in Architecture, Urban Planning and interiors. After training I continued there for another year and then I moved to Chandavarkar and Thacker Architects Pvt Ltd.,in 2007 beginning. Here I have been working as Project head for more than 13 months.
My interests other than Architecture are Photography, Philosophy and Behavioral psychology, Music; I am an amateur guitarist too.
Apart from these at personal level I keep taking up informal research topics as alternative energy applications, Alternative forms of Urbanization, Socio-psychological aspects of Architecture and Design.
I intend to apply for 2008-Masters program on Alternative urban forms –Design research Lab (DRL) at Architectural Association, London. Hoping this research shall take me to the next level of Understanding the Urban issues and looking for alternative solutions.


Sridevi Padmanabhan / New Delhi, India


After getting my Masters degree in Communication, with a specialisation in television production from Manipal, I went on to work in non-fiction, feature format television. Having scripted, produced, and edited chat shows, documentary-style features, reality television, and celebrity interview shows for a little over two years, I decided to take break. I then dabbled in public relations, content writing for the web, and writing for magazines before deciding to give my present role a go as marketing manager for a publishing company. Research, in any form, is and always will be my first love.


Prasad S R / Belgaum, India


I have always believed that life always happens beyond the peripheral walls that we build to call home... the spill over spaces.. the foreground where spices dry..etc .. the STREET( gali) where children enjoy the only religion tht they believe the pursue..( a SPort: cricket, marbles etc).. A katta where all elders gather for a general discussion... A Pan Shop where all state n nation politics are debated upon....
the dharavi locals work in every part of the City-State ( mumbai ) n the info collected is shared by one n all.... It would be good to study the urban phenomena of dissipation of confidential matters into the locale....
i look forward to share some more ideas like this with the participants and contribute to the success of the workshop in terms of “understanding of a illegal & legitimate urban stratum”


Purvi Shetty / Bangalore, India


A keen interest in cultural diversity and lifestyles is what has made me apply for this workshop. I am an MBA graduate, just out of college, with no prior experience with urban design or planning. However I m very interested in the area of Social development and Welfare. I could use my management skills as a platform to direct the multiplicity of ideas and thoughts. This will be an entirely new learning experience for me and I m hoping to be able to contribute in some way.


Tahaer Zoyab / Bangalore, India


Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal, the city where I was born, has been variously described as the “City of Joy” as a “dying city” as a “city of strikes and protests”. My impressionable childhood visits every summer have left fascinating memories of a city that is both grand and decrepit, where vast lonely playgrounds contrast sharply with densely packed areas. I know now that the die of my career was cast during those formative years.
India is on the threshold of a great future. Its development however is skewed and unsustainable due to poor architecture and urban design. What the country requires today are dedicated professionals in the field of architecture who can understand current problems, foresee future trends and combine function, form, radical ideas and environment concerns in building the India of tomorrow. 
My goal is to gain experience as an designer in developing innovative solutions that interact well with the urban landscape. Im sure this project will be an eye-opener for me and I’m sure I will be able to make a difference.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences Media Lab Team


Sonali Bhoite / Mumbai, India


Sonali Bhoite is studying commerce at Kirti College in Mumbai and is a PUKAR Youth Fellow. She lives in Koliwada with her parents and two brothers.


Rika Chaudhry / Mumbai, India


As an Architect my interests are more inclined towards housing and urban developments, disaster mitigation and rehabilitation.
Making livelihood documentary movies is a passion that i have followed during and after my college years. The making of these movies have taught me how to interact with people of various sections of society and more importantly how to approach a difficult subject creatively and differently.
Working in Tamil Nadu after the Ttsunami has opened my eyes to a lot of harsh realities, most not very pleasant. This has reinforced my abition to collaborate all my interests and strengths so that i maybe able to contribute back and help make a difference in a creative and effective manner.
The workshop is offering a unique way of looking at the prevailing situations, and i think it is a great oppurtunity for people from varied backgrounds to come together to brainstorm and produce creative outputs.


Antonia Hasle / London, UK


Antonia is London based, and comes from a background in the advertising and entertainment industries. She has been independently researching and documenting informal architectural and economic development, alongside systems, chaos, and organic processes in design, art and architecture since 2006.
Exploring how potential crossovers between organic urban development and technological opportunities can be economically successful, she is concerned with the importance of maintaining cultural sensitivity, and dynamism, in a new global context.
Antonia is currently working with Celine Condorelli (Support Structure) and Andreas Lang (Public Works), organising 'Initiative & Institution'; an exhibition, publication and series of events 'seeking to negotiate the possibilities of spatial/architectural/artistic endeavour for political positioning.'


Subuhi Jiwani / Mumbai, India


I’m interested in stories -- how they’re told, why they’re told, how they are inflected by the personal. I’m interested in visuals -- how they speak, how they translate the seen.
This workshop has the potential to unearth many unheard stories and unseen visuals about the history of Koliwada, its folklore, its myths, its political strife, its histories and herstories.
I am particularly interested in thinking of ways that one can do participatory representation. More than simply indulging my creativity, I am interesting in trying to find ways of being creative and simultaneously collaborative.
Most importantly, I am interesting in thinking about how the cultural artefacts/multimedia projects that emerge from this workshop will participate in the larger discussion about redevelopment. What can art do to create social change is one of those most basic but elemental questions.
I can photograph, write (creatively and journalistically) and have basic video and sound recording skills. Though I have worked independly, as a print journalist, for the last few years, I’d like to think that I can work well with groups as well. If nothing else, I do think that I listen well.


Minsun Kim / Tokyo, Japan


I'm studying urban planning and regional planning at the University of Tokyo,particularly interested in issues relating to community development, improvement of living environment for lower-income class.I was born in Seoul, Korea, and did my undergraduate studies in Architecture at Tama Art University. I hope to meet many friends who come from diverse backgrounds, and share common awareness of the issues.


Aakansha Rajak / Mumbai, India


Aakansha Rajak is studying commerce at Kirti College in Mumbai and is a PUKAR Youth Fellow. She hopes to work in Human Resources and eventually earn an MBA. She lives in Koliwada with her mother and father.


Pooja Das Sarkar / Mumbai, India


The workshop is a thoughtful and creative attempt and I would love to be a part of it and assist it to achieve its aims in avny capacity. My skills include the ability to be a part of a group and work together creatively - two heads are better than one and nothing beats actions as a result of stimulating discussion. My interest include development and media - using media and communication for development.


Rebecca Sherman / Mumbai, India


I currently work for the Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action (SNEHA). SNEHA is an NGO based in Dharavi working on maternal and newborn health. I work on communications and marketing for SNEHA. I am from America, and have come to India for one year to learn about development work. I am also a professional photographer, and I have a strong knowledge of visual design software. I would be honored to join the workshop to learn more about the city where I’ve been living and working. I look forward to the opportunity to learn from the interesting mix of people at the workshop and gain a new perspective on urban issues.


Susannah Still / New York City, USA


I am an urban planning graduate student at New York University specializing in transportation, infrastructure and environment. I grew up in Columbia, Missouri and did my undergraduate studies in German and History at the University of Michigan and spent time as a Fulbright teaching assistant in Austria. I have never been to India, or even Asia, but look forward to the challenge presented in Dharavi and the opportunity to learn and contribute during this workshop.