Workshop Organization

Workshop leaders will choose the theme of their unit and guide participants through the process while leaving them full creative freedom. Each unit will have a set number of participants (between 5 and 10), which can work as a team or be subdivided into smaller groups. Ultimately, all participants will follow the same objectives and will be free to collaborate across units. Participants are not required to choose a unit that corresponds to their field of study unless specifically requested by the organizer.

Units will be cross-cultural and cross-generational. Each unit will include at least one local and one international participant. The output of the work will be in both Marathi and English.

Upon registration, participants will be required to rank the units he or she would like to join in order of preference. All participants should bring a laptop. If they do not have a laptop, they should specify this on the application form. Indian students are kindly requested to provide home stays to international participants if possible.