Urban Typhoon Workshop in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo: June 26-29
Participatory Urban Design & the Future of Alternative Communities

We invite creative spirits from Japan and abroad to brainstorm on the present and future of Shimokitazawa, at a time when the government is planning a 26 meter-wide road cutting through its culturally vibrant streets.

The Urban Typhoon workshop is a global experiment in participatory design. It is directly connected to the various subcultures of Shimokitazawa and its grassroots community groups.

The workshop is multicultural, multidisciplinary and multimedia. We invite students, urban planners, architects, designers, artists, sociologists, media artists, political activists, utopists, and other nomadic types to imagine the future of Shimokitazawa.

The objective is to produce alternatives to the government's plan as well as a multimedia testimony to the unique spirit of Shimokitazawa. The workshop itself is a joyous and participatory takeover of the city.

- Context
- Objectives
- Organization

The Urban Typhoon Workshop is connected to 2 other events:

1)Ubiquitous Urban Design Symposium, June 28, 2006:
University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies

The Ubiquitous City Symposium considers the formative power of culture within communities and the role of architects and urban design, particularly focusing on the potential of ubiquitous information technologies for public involvement and participatory planning. Taking an experimental approach, the symposium will be directly connected to the Urban Typhoon workshop. Panelists include Shunya Yoshimi, Shin Mizukoshi, Yehuda Safran, Taro Igarashi, Yolande Daniels, Masami Kobayashi, Carla Leitao, Hiroya Tanaka, Pablo Corvalan, Masashige Motoe, and Kengo Nakajima.

2) Cultural Typhoon Symposium, June 30 July 2, 2006:


Cultural Typhoon is annual inter-university event attended by hundreds of scholars from Japan and the rest of the world. This year Cultural Typhoon takes place in Shimokitazawa and focuses on the theme of urban culture. The outcome of the Urban Typhoon workshop will be presented and discussed on Saturday July 1st at the Symposium.